August  2001 Featured items

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1    The Dappers: "Come Back To Me" on Peacock 1651 sound.gif (246 bytes)Full(6MB) sound.gif (246 bytes)30sec.(600KB)

ID # 11665    VG-(?G++?) $ 45.00  *SOLD*

This is a rare one from the 50's. Osborne's Price Guide list this at $250 to $350 for a NM copy, since this is not even close to NM, I'm only asking about 15% of that price. It does have a little noise in the beginning, and a serious scratch near the end, but you  be the judge - see the scanned image below and listen to the full song by clicking on the speaker icon.

Dappers - Come back to me

2    Frankie Love: "First Star"  on La Rosa 101 sound.gif (246 bytes)

Here is a beautiful ballad from 1961 that has been completely overlooked by commercial radio. I have only heard it on the air twice in the past 35 years.It took me nearly four years to find this clean copy.

ID # 1257   EX+ $25.00

     LAR101B2x2.gif (20419 bytes)


3    Illusions: "Hey Boy" on North-East 801 The Illusions Hey Boy Sound Clip

ID # 2701   VG++  $ 95.00

Visually this is NM suitable for framing, but sorry to say, it has a little surface noise in the beginning. Still a great Doo-Wop sound from the early Sixties. It is one of the good ones that you NEVER hear on the air.

  N801A2x2.gif (20356 bytes)


4    James And Bobby Purify: "I'm Your Puppet" on Sphere Sound 77004 sound.gif (246 bytes)

ID # 3720   VG-   $10.00 *SOLD*

This label isn't quite as bad as it looks here, my scanner has a hard time with the dark labels. The vinyl does have a scratch so it plays with a slight 'tic' (thus the low price).

James and Bobby Purify Image of Puppet


5    Dwight Pullen: "Sunglasses After Dark" on Carlton 455 (Promo)  Dwight Pullen - Sunglasses After Dark Sound Clip

ID # 3807  VG  $75.00

Condition: Visual VG-  Play Grade VG+

Here is a Rare, early Hard Core Rock & Roll piece that is probably missing from your collection!! There is some WOL and label wear, visually  the vinyl looks to be in about the same shape as the label with light scratches and scuff marks but it plays CLEAN - just listen to the sample. You don't stumble across this one very often.

Dwight Pullen Sunglasses After Dark Image 

6    The Dreamlovers: "Zoom Zoom Zoom" on Heritage 107 sound.gif (246 bytes)

ID # 2698   EX+   $75.00

Destinations on Ando 114


7  The Metros

I have here both the Mono and Stereo versions of this Classic Soul LP. No collection is complete without at least one of them.

Mono LPM-3776: "Since I Found My Baby"Metros - Since I Found My Baby - RCA LPM-3776.wav/ Stereo LSP-3776: "Since I Found My Baby"Metros - Since I Found My Baby - RCA LSP-3776.wav

Mono LPM-3776: "Sweetest One"Metros - Sweetest One - RCA LPM-3776.wav Sound Clip/ Stereo LSP-3776: "Sweetest One"Metros - Sweetest One - RCA LSP-3776.wav

ID # LP-406  (MONO) EX/NM  $85.00 / ID # LP-407 VG+/VG+ (STEREO) $95.00

Also available from my personal collection (although I don't want to sell it) Not pictured here, No ID# Stereo LSP-3776 NM/NM $225 - from the estate of a retired RCA executive

RUBYRAY1A2x2.gif (21291 bytes)  Metros LSP - 3776 Image


8  Randy And The Rainbows: "Denise" on Rust 5059 Denise Sound ClipB/W "Come Back"Metros - Sweetest One - RCA LSP-3776.wav

Everybody knows "Denise" a classic Doo-Wop hit from the early 60's, but did you ever flip it over and check out "Come Back"? This is another great tune from these 'One Hit Wonders'. This is a great record - it belongs in every jukebox. And for some reason, it seems to be getting harder and harder to find a decent copy.

ID # 3063  VG++ $7.50  *SOLD*

ELVISPS2x2.gif (34681 bytes)  Elvispsb2x2.gif (36232 bytes)

9   Lou Johnson: "Magic Potion" on Bigtop 3153 sound.gif (246 bytes) B/W "Reach Out For Me"sound.gif (246 bytes)

ID # 3813 EX+ $25.00 *SOLD*

Bel2029A2x2.gif (19701 bytes)  Bel2029A2x2.gif (19701 bytes)

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