Here are all the great 45 rpm records that I have featured in the past:

FEATURES.gif (1689 bytes) April 2001:

1. The Velvetones: "Glory Of Love" b/w "I Love Her So" on Aladdin 3372
2. Buddy Lamp: "Promised Land" b/w "I'm Comin' Home" on ABC-PAR 10398
3. The Front End: "You" b/w "Eeny Meeny" on Smash 2147
4. Judy Wasenda: "The Power Of Love" b/w "I'll Never Smile Again" on Capitol 5282

FEATURES.gif (1689 bytes) May 2001:

1. Tommy Tate: "If You Got To Love Somebody" on KoKo 726
2. The Serenaders: "Two Lovers Make One Fool" b/w "Adios My Love" on Riverside 4549
3. Vito And The Salutations: "Gloria" b/w "Let's Untwist The Twist" on Rayna 5009
4. Vito And The Salutations: "Unchained Melody" b/w "Hey, Hey, Baby" on Herald 583
5. Soul Brother Six: "Some Kind Of Wonderful" b/w "I'll Be Loving You" on Atlantic 2406
6. The Destinations: "I Can't Leave You" b/w "Ando's Theme" on Ando 114
7. The Scholars: "I Need Your Lovin" b/w "Please Please" on Ruby Ray A-OK-1 Flip is B-OK-2
8. Elvis Presley: "A Big Hunk O' Love" b/w "My Wish Came True" on RCA 47-7600 W/Picture Sleeve
9. Jive Five: "These Golden Rings" b/w "Do You Hear Wedding Bells" on Beltone 2029

FEATURES.gif (1689 bytes) August 2001:

1. The Dappers: "Come Back To Me" b/w "Mambo Oongh" on Peacock 1651
2. Frankie Love: "First Star" b/w "Save Her Love For Me" on La Rosa 101
3. Illusions: "Hey Boy" b/w "Lonely Soldier" on North-East 801
4. James And Bobby Purify: "I'm Your Puppet" b/w "Everybody Needs Somebody"on Sphere Sound 77004
5. Dwight Pullen: "Sunglasses After Dark" b/w "Teen Age Bug" on Carlton 455
6. The Dreamlovers: "Zoom Zoom Zoom" b/w "While We Were Dancing" on Heritage 107
7. The Metros: LP Albums - Mono LPM-3776: "Sweetest One"/ Stereo LSP-3776: "Sweetest One"
8. Randy And The Rainbows: "Denise" b/w "Come Back" on Rust 5059
9. Lou Johnson: "Magic Potion" b/w "Reach Out For Me" on Bigtop 3153


FEATURES.gif (1689 bytes) September 2001:

1. Frankie Lymon: "Why Do Fools Fall In Love" b/w "Please Be Mine" on Gee 1002
2. The Breakers: "Balboa Memories" b/w "Long Way Home" on Marsh 206 (WLP)
3. Velvet Angels: "I'm In Love" b/w "BABY I WANNA KNOW" on CO-OP 201/CO-OP 207
4. The Tams: "Untie Me" b/w "Disillusioned" on ARLEN 7-11
5. Big Dee Irwin: "And Heaven Was Here" b/w "Everybody's Got A Dance But Me" on Dimension 1001
6. The Ly-Dells: "Wizard Of Love" b/w "Let This Night Last" on MASTER 251
7. Jimmy Jones: "That's When I Cried" b/w "I Just Go For You" on CUB 9072
8. San Remo Golden Strings: "Hungry For Love" b/w "All Turned On" on Ric Tic 104
9. The Tams: "What Kind Of Fool (Do You Think I Am)" b/w "Laugh It Off" on ABC-PAR 10502

FEATURES.gif (1689 bytes) November 2001:

1. The Excellents: "Coney Island Baby" b/w "You Baby You" on Blast 205
2. Bobby Darin "Mack The Knife" b/w "Was There A Call For Me" on ATCO 6147 W/Picture Sleeve
3. The Uniques "I'll Do Anything" b/w "Go On And Leave" on Paula 289 Promo
4. The Doors: "Light My Fire" b/w "The Crystal Ship" on Elektra 45738
5. The Volume's: "I Love You" b/w "Dreams" on Chex 1002
6. The Skyliners: "It Happened Today" b/w "Lonely Way" on Calico 109
7. The Orioles: "Crying In The Chapel" b/w "Don't You Think I Ought To Know" on Jubilee 5122
8. Jan and Dean: "Heart and Soul" b/w "Midsummernight's Dream" on Challenge 9111
9. The Cleftones: "Heart And Soul" b/w "How Do You Feel" on Gee 1064

FEATURES.gif (1689 bytes) May 2002:

1. Tom Clay "Remember, We Don't Like Them We Love Them" on Official IBBB Interview 97436
2. Marv Johnson: "Come To Me" b/w "Whisper" on Tamla 101
3. Marv Johnson: "Come To Me" b/w "Whisper" on UA 160
4. The Rolling Stones -" Tell Me (You're Coming Back)" b/w "I Just Wanna Make Love To You" on London 9682
5. The Beatles: "She Loves You" b/w "I'll Get You" on Swan 4152
6. The Cadillacs: "Speedoo" b/w "Let Me Explain" on Josie 785
7. Dean Christie: "Heart Breaker" b/w "I'm A Loser" on Select 715
8. The Rolling Stones: "Paint It, Black" b/w "Stupid Girl" on London 901
9. The Righteous Brothers: Box Set Verve CS 5-8
    9a. "You're My Soul And Inspiration" b/w "Go Ahead And Cry" on Verve 10520
    9b. "Hold On I'm Comin" b/w "He Will Break Your Heart" on Verve 10521
    9c. "I Believe" b/w "Melancholy Music Man" on Verve 10522
    9d. "Island In The Sun" b/w "I (Who Have Nothing)" onVerve 10523
    9e. "My Girl" b/w "Something You Got" on Verve 10524

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