November  2001 Featured items

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1    The Excellents: "Coney Island Baby" Coney Island Baby Sound Clip b/w "You Baby You" on Blast 205 You Baby You Sound Clip

ID # 1236    EX+ $ 18.00  *SOLD*

Two great sides on one piece of vinyl from the early 60's. If you never heard "You Baby You", give a listen it's one great doo-wop record, and in many areas they never played this "B" side.

Id-1236aExcellentsConeyIslandBaby2x2.jpg (8312 bytes) Id-1236bExcellentsYouBabyYou2x2.jpg (8241 bytes)

2    Bobby Darin "Mack The Knife" on ATCO 6147 W/Picture Sleeve Bobby Darin Mack The Knife Sound Clip

A classic - nothing else to say. Here's your chance to own this beauty, picture sleeve and all.

ID # 3907   VG++/EX+ $40.00  *SOLD*

     Id-3907pBobbyDarinMackTheKnife2x2.jpg (12296 bytes) Bobby Darin Mack The Knife


3    The Uniques "I'll Do Anything" on Paula 289 Promo The Uniques I'll Do Anything Sound Clip

ID # 4038   VG+  $ 35.00   *SOLD*

Visually this looks a little beat up, with SOL, dirt smudges, surface scratches etc. However, it plays excellent. Look at the scan, and play the clip. You won't be dissapointed!

  Id-4038aUniquesIllDoAnything2x2.jpg (7948 bytes)


4    The Doors: "Light My Fire" on Elektra 45738 The Doors Light My Fire Sound Clip

ID # 4036   NM   $12.00  *SOLD*

The Late 60's Rock classic - this needs to be in every jukebox.

The Doors Light My Fire


5    The Volume's: "I Love You" on Chex 1002   Volume's I Love You Sound Clip

ID # 1261  NM  $85.00

This is not a promo record. The label is a high gloss white, not the typical cream color.

The Volumes I Love You 

6    The Skyliners: "It Happened Today" on Calico 109 Skyliners - It Happened Today Sound clip

ID # 4040   EX+   $24.50

Here's a great doo-wop piece from the late 50's, not nearly as popular as their other hit "Since I Don't Have You", but I believe it is just as good.

Skyliners It Happened Today


7    The Orioles: "Crying In The Chapel" on Jubilee 5122 Orioles Crying in the Chapel Sound Clip

ID # 460   VG   $25.00

(Note: Due to a typo this was formerly listed on this page as EX+ condition - it is by no means EX+ is is only VG,  Sorry)

A great example of mid-50's group harmony.

Id-460OriolesCryingInTheChapel2x2.jpg (6887 bytes) 


8    Jan and Dean: "Heart and Soul" on Challenge 9111 Jan and Dean Heart And Soul Sound Clip

A real change of pace for this hot rod/surf team of singers and they do a fine job with it. The label actually looks much better than this image, my scanner doesn't handle the dark labels too well.

ID # 1259  EX $20.00  *SOLD*

Id-1259 Jan And Dean - Heart And Soul  

9    The Cleftones: "Heart And Soul" on Gee 1064 Cleftones Heart And Soul Sound Clip

ID # 1260  NM $35.00  *SOLD*

For comparison, here is the same song, released the same year (1962) by another great group. I don't know which one I like better, I guess it's which ever one I'm listening to at the time. NOTE: This record has the labels for 'A' and 'B' sides reversed.

Cleftones Heart And Soul  

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