September  2001 Featured items

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1    Frankie Lymon: "Why Do Fools Fall In Love" on Gee 1002  sound.gif

 (246 bytes)

ID # 1587 EX  $ 25.00  *SOLD*

ID1587 Lymon Why Do Fools Fall In Love2x2.gif

2    The Breakers: "Balboa Memories"  on Marsh 206 (WLP) sound.gif (246 bytes)b/w "Long Way Home"

Here's one you probably haven't heard in a long, long time. The price guide says $75 for a NM copy of the commercial release, this is a VG++ White Label Promo with just a little dirt smudged on the label.

ID # 1923  VG++ $55.00 *SOLD*

     ID1923Breakers Balboa Memories2x2.gif


3    Velvet Angels: "I'm In Love" on Co-Op 201  Velvet Angels

 - I'm In Love Sound Clip

Here's a great little Doo-Wop a capella piece from the early 60's. I've had a copy in my personal collection since 1964 and I just turned up this one to make some other collector happy.

ID # 2153  NM  $24.00


  Velvet Angels I'm In Love image


4    The Tams: "Untie Me" on Arlen 7-11 Tams Untie Me Sound Clip

ID # 2490 EX++   $25.00

What can I say about this one - R&B at its best

The Tams Untie Me


5    Big Dee Irwin: "And Heaven Was Here" on Dimension 1001  Big

 Dee Irwin Sound Clip

Again, my scanner doesn't handle these dark labels very well - but this record looks and sounds great.

ID # 2580  EX $28.00  *SOLD*


Big Dee Irwin  Image 

6    The Ly-Dells: "Wizard Of Love" on Master 251 sound.gif (246 bytes)

Here's a great little novelty Doo-Wop from the early 60's. Not easy to find this one anymore.

ID # 2929 VG $45.00

Wizard of Love Image


7  Jimmy Jones: "That's When I Cried" Jimmy

 Jones sound clipb/w "I Just Go For You" on CUB 9072

ID # 2992  VG $30.00

Jimmy Jones image 


8  San Remo Golden Strings: "Hungry For Love" on Ric Tic 104  Hungry For Love Sound ClipB/W "All Turned On"

One of the my favorite instrumentals from the early 60's.

ID # 3001  VG++ $15.00 *SOLD*

ELVISPS2x2.gif (34681 bytes)  

9   The Tams: "What Kind Of Fool (Do You Think I Am)" on ABC-PAR 10502 sound.gif

 (246 bytes) B/W "Laugh It Off"sound.gif (246 bytes)

Here's another from the Tams - with TWO great sides!

ID # 841 VG+ $8.50  *SOLD*

Tams What Kind Of Fool image  Tams Laugh It Off image

I will be adding more pages like this each month.

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